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Ruff Life Pet CarePet Sitting and Dog walking Services

Thank you for visiting Ruff Life Pet Care, providing professional in-home pet care. We are dedicated to keeping your pets healthy, active and most of all....happy!

Pet owners face a dilemma when they go on vacation. Among their choices are to board their animals at a kennel, or to have a friend or the neighbor kid next door come in to care for your pet. Some animals and their owners handle being kenneled very well; many others do not. Having a friend or neighbor come in may not be the best solution, as they may not have the time or knowledge to provide your pet with the care that she or he deserves. This is where Ruff Life Pet Care comes into the picture. We realize that no one can take your place and no pet is totally happy being away from its owner. We provide the least disruption, stress and anxiety of being separated from you, while providing excellent loving care in the comfort of your home.


Another dilemma for pet owners is the care of their pets during a long work day. While you or I can walk to the bathroom at midday, our pets still have to wait hours. Ruff Life Pet Care is able to break up the day for your pet, and allow pet owners the relief of not having to rush home from work. This is especially important for puppies and older dogs that each have special concerns.


Let Ruff Life Pet Care be your answer while you’re on vacation or during your long work day. The loving attention we provide is individualized and specifically tailored for your pets. We strive to be the very best substitute for you while you are away.


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